An Introduction to Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's.  The Pilates technique aims to strengthen and streamline the body, correct muscular imbalance and improve posture and joint mobility. 

The benefits of Pilates include:- increased personal awareness of how you sit, how you stand, or how you move and being able to relate those habits to your aches and pains.  Pilates will help to improve your posture and your core strength (strength of your back and abdominal muscles).

Modern Pilates is a contemporary and updated approach to Pilates exercise.  Exercises included help to focus on abdominal and back strength, balance and functional fitness.  Functional exercises relate to everyday life e.g. twisting behind to reach an object.  In our Pilates classes at Serenity we believe in a whole body approach, and work towards lengthening and toning all the muscles in the body.  It is a relaxing and individual programme which helps to work the body and relax the mind. Pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester

Using soft Pilates balls, exercise bands and tennis balls we make our classes interesting and achievable for everyone. We are all different and we encourage our participants to work to their own level, giving options as needed.  pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester pilates wigston leicester pilates leicester wigston

What will you need?

You should wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving in, stretch leggings or tights and a t-shirt. No need for shoes, Pilates is peformed in bare feet or with socks on if you find that more comfortable.  You should bring a small towel or thin cushion for head support, but don’t worry if you forget, we will have some spare ones.

What results can I expect?

A general feeling of wellbeing; feeling taller, shoulders more relaxed; from a flatter stomach and stronger back, to toned thighs and arms; increased bone density, stronger muscles; better breathing.

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